Welcome!  I’m so glad you stopped by!  I’m Kylie and this site is my spot to let the creative words that swirl through my mind and rush through my heart find the peace of being articulated.   Random facts about my life that may or may not interest you are:

I married my childhood sweetheart over two decades ago and still think he is pretty gorgeous… our life is an adventure which will no doubt weave a texture into what you read here.

I have four children to have and to hold on this earth –  all wildly different and magnificent in their own unique ways.  The eldest has reached adulthood and the youngest finally cracked double digits and is pretty pleased with herself!

I am a Pastor and count it a privilege and honour (though its the weirdest vocation ever!) to serve my God in this way.  I’m a big fan of the local church and the beauty she possesses and that she is God’s chosen vehicle to transform lives, communities, nations and the world.  She is far from perfect, but thats because real people make up her parts in all their beauty and imperfections.  I love that so many totally different people can all find a place of unity within her.  I love that Jesus completed His work – and hopefully one day I will too.  What a great thought that is to ponder! I feel like its never done!!

I love my friends and its a day well spent if we got the chance to spend it together.

I love living on the coast and doing anything that involves the beach – its my happy place to have my toes in warm sand and sun on my shoulders. Bliss!

Thanks for checking out my site – read some stuff… leave some comments… share if something strikes a chord in your life too. I’d love to share the journey 🙂


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