Burn the Box

It is time! Wake up! Get up! Break out! Our world needs you. If I could do anything with my one life it would be to break boxes that limit you and hold you in. The truth is that no one fits in a box created by another person. Each and every person born on this earth is born with purpose and unique shape. We’re quick to categorise people by personality type, body shape, race, gender, age, religion, socio-economic status, occupation and even behaviours or habits, but none of it is actually helpful to the person you are boxing up – or to yourself. If you create a box for someone, you will be totally unable to see the future of that person. You will have time capsuled them and therefore condemned them.

If you had a box custom made for you that was uniquely yours and fitted all you that you are inside of it, then the next thing you learn, the next time you grow in some way, the next time your thinking is challenged and your opinions or beliefs change, then the box will no longer fit you. Just because you were a certain way in the past, does not need to determine who you are now or who you’ll be in the future. Every and any box is completely inadequate.

I see too many people, particularly too many children and women who are packaged into neat little boxes that don’t fit them. I see them twist, contort, shrink and feel a sense of failure for not being able to fit in a box created for them. They express a sense of failure that they are ‘too much’ for the box given to them as though it’s a bad thing. They feel like they fail when they pop out of the box and it’s met with shock and a sharp shove back down. Too many lives are shortened or ended by being boxed incorrectly. We are more than our age. More than our gender. More than our race. More than our income. More than our abilities. More than can be seen and judged externally.

The problem with boxes is that they are man-made, and you are not man-made. You were actually designed on purpose with purpose. You are born with skin and that is the only boxing you were ever meant to have. Just enough to hold your insides in and get you from place to place. It is flexible and grows with you. It’s alive and helps keep the important things in and the unneeded things out. It’s the only boundary your life needs imposed on it. Man-made boxes are stiff and square, they stay the same and sit in the same spot. They were never made to house souls and life stories.

Boxes quickly become coffins. Things quietly die when kept within a box. The human spirit was not designed for confinement. It was made for open spaces, for freedom, for exploration, for adventure. There is an innate need to try and to conquer… even if that requires multiple attempts.

The challenge for you today is two-fold: 

  1. To get out of your box and refuse to be defined by its parameters that someone other than you and your Designer imposed. Get out and stay out! It’s going to feel weird to feel the breeze on your skin, but you must refuse to return or hide.
  2. To dismantle the boxes you have imposed on others. Who have you put in a box? Have you made one for your friend? Your family? Your colleague? Perhaps resistance or tension popping up in a relationship is because you have boxed them a certain way and it no longer fits them?

We all need a champion and today just for a minute let me be yours. You do not need your box and you can do this. Freedom is an essential human need and yours is overdue. You are perfectly imperfect; time to just own it. We do our best, we learn and we grow, but no one has it all sorted and that’s what makes life interesting. Your life is valuable and important and the world needs to hear your voice and your insights from your unique experience. No one else can own you and dictate your box dimensions. Not your boss, not your partner/spouse, not your parents, not your family, not even you! Sometimes we even box ourselves! You are more than even you realise and it’s time to be the fullest version of yourself. 

Religion can be a box. I’m a Christian. God gave us 10 rules in the Bible. Only 10. By the time Jesus walked the earth, the religious leaders had turned it into over 600 rules! I don’t know why humanity loves rules and boxes, but it seems too. Jesus reduced it to 2. Simply put; to love God and to love others. That’s the parameters. We can love others today by loving the fullness of who they are. The quirks, the colours and the cracks. Let’s love each other as we are and for who we are and who we are becoming – not by our box shape or label. You are so much more than your box!

Time to burn the boxes and set the people free…

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

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