Open Sesame!

I love doors! I love the way they look, I love the mystery and somewhat magical imagining of what is behind them or who has gone through them and I love the symbolism of doors in our lives. I love that doors can be majestic, mystical, inviting, intriguing, scary, stunning and also plain, average and boring!  I love the ridiculously proportioned regal doors in some palaces and cathedrals that tower above, that make an entrance for you. I love old doors and the history of who walked through them. Doors carry such importance. They let things in and they keep other things out. People are hired to manage important doors and station themselves before it with the power to open with welcome or close and exclude at their discretion.


Mostly, I love that life can be represented as a series of doors and our stories illustrated by the doors that opened and the doors that closed.  We were born behind certain doors and raised to experience family based on what happened or didn’t happen behind those doors. Some doors have readily opened toward us, some we have pounded our bloodied fists on or tried to boot down without effect. Some doors looked full of promise but turned out to be nothing but trouble and some plain and ordinary doors have bought bliss and blessing.  Life really is marked by a whole bunch of doors and they beautifully tell our stories in all their brokenness and brilliance.


While I have screamed ‘open sesame’ at some doors that refused to open to the treasure I was sure they contained and I have tried brute force (and sometimes won!), I have learnt a secret to doors in life.  The secret is in the doorman.  I can be the doorman to my own life. I can totally be in charge of where I go and what I open. It sounds good and empowering, right? Go your own way! Create your own destiny!  I can do that. I really can. In fact, I have done it! But, what I’ve found is that I get fooled by the way the door looks… Every. Time. No door fully discloses what lies behind it and often another door looks a way better option than where I find myself. The doorman though always knows what’s behind his doors. He knows the truth of what it holds, not just the highlights.


The doorman knows the importance of timing. Think of revolving doors – they’re like skipping rope – timing is everything!  There is a time for everything, but it’s not always to the schedule we’d like. No entry today does not mean no entry tomorrow, or next week or next year.  Some doors are for an appointed time and rushing in early will only cause grief.


The doorman knows the password. We can try every scheme and manipulation to try steal a password, a fingerprint, a member card, a window we can squeeze through… but the doorman has the password so we need to wait and let him use it. We can spend a lot of energy and cause ourselves a lot of pain trying to force ourselves in restricted access doors and for what? You can’t be yourself in there, because you are not meant to be in there!


The doorman knows the floor-plan. Some doors are not the final destination. Some doors open into foyers with multiple doors off them. Only the doorman knows the pathway from where you enter to your final destination. We need not be disappointed by a door that didn’t end up being all that we hoped. Often there is another door from that room. A relationship that is made in that room that opens the next door.


The doorman knows the guest list. Most doors in life open through relationship. Most jobs are opened by someone you know, a connection you have. Families are created by relationships. Some doors close with relationships. Other people often become doors for us as we can become doors for them. It all happens through relationship.


In Revelation 3:7 it talks about the Doorman. He really is the best doorman. It’s been a while now since I asked Him to be the Doorman of my life and though it doesn’t mean life is perfect, it has meant that I know I’m in the right place and there will be purpose in the doors that I go through. As opportunities arise and doors open before me, I look to the Doorman.   He promises that the doors that He opens, no man can shut and the doors that He shuts, no man can open. It gives me confidence to know that when I ask him to be my doorman, the only ones meant for me are what He opens. He can get me in where I am meant to be. He gets me there on time, He has purpose behind every door, He leads me into relationships and I don’t have to be anything other than who I am.  With Jesus as the Doorman I can rest that I am in fact in the right place. There’s still some chaos, still some pain, still imperfections, but there is a whole lot of peace and an absence of striving that brings rest to the soul.  Why not ask Jesus to be your Doorman too? I highly recommend it.

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