Well, Well, Well.

Wells. They don’t mean a whole lot to us Aussies who can turn on even a backyard tap and find safe drinking water. In fact, the most I hear of them lately is in the context of wishing wells at weddings! Yet, for third world countries today and in Biblical times they were a basic necessity for life. Wells sustain and enable life, give life, refresh the weary and become a place of community. Imagine a place you can always draw refreshment from, a place that always sustains you and brings you life, a place you meet your friends at, a place you know your children and their children after them will also have this source to draw from. Does it make you want to dig a well?

Wells were pretty unremarkable to look at. A part of everyday life. You went there on the daily and it was probably among the mundane tasks on the day’s agenda. Yet, without it everything else in your world would stop. They remind me that it really is what we choose to do on the daily that matters. Relationships don’t flourish on the occasional grand gesture. They flourish on the daily, in love shared amidst the mundane. Children grow in confidence and resilience not in one defining moment we were prepared for, or a class taught at school, they learn it in the daily interactions, comforts and trials within their family. Faith is not made in one brilliantly orated altar call- it is built in daily increments, in daily habits of prayer, reading the Bible, sharing of testimonies, asking big questions and walking with God. Deut 4:6-9 will tell you exactly how faith is shared and passed through generations and it is ALL happening in the mundane, everyday parts of life. A well is place you go every day, sometimes more than once, as often as required to sustain and refresh you.

Wells dug properly will outlast you. A well became part of the inheritance that moved down your family line without you and bought them the same day in, day out refreshment and sustenance.  We need to be digging wells for those who will come after us, so that they too can find life and sustenance for their lives and livelihoods.

Big moments happen by the well. The place you feel refreshed and restored. The place you go every other day that every now and then God’s purpose and destiny brings a pivot point. As you go about business as usual – daily habits – God shows up. Because He is all about relationship, it shouldn’t surprise us that He loves being in the mundane daily with us! A woman based solely upon her generous drawing and distributing of water to people and stock, became engaged to Isaac the most eligible bachelor of his time, AND a mother to a new nation, Israel! PIVOT. Their son once built a well that lasted so far through the generations, that Jesus himself – God incarnate – sat his weary self down for refreshment there. Another woman drew and served him as she went about her daily, and PIVOT. Her life was changed and that of her entire town also.  Stay aware of God in your daily because that’s where he’ll meet you and… PIVOT.

Wells are dug with others in mind. Wells become a place of community, because the community goes there on the daily. A well was never dug for an individual, but always for a family and their livestock and for the family and livestock of the future. They made barren places have and hold life. They bought the ability to prosper. They were built as the centre point of communities and fostered connection and togetherness.

Will you become a well digger with me? Dig a deep well for your family to draw from that will sustain them long after you can and their children after them can. Build into your daily routines places of refreshment. Spend time with the Lord who is the living water. Spend time with each other. Make time for the daily conversations, the daily cuddles, the daily sitting around a table. It turns out these daily sources of connection is where life, love and eternity resides. Don’t sell it out for some bottled water as you race scattered through your day. Don’t let that become the normal. Go to the well. Let down your bucket, sit and take your fill. Be sustained, not strained. Be filled, not flat-out. It’s time to sit by the well and drink deeply. It’s time to consider the wells you have and the ones you may need to build. 

Let’s build some wells together.

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